iOS 8 makes Siri smarter and more accurate, but one feature of the recently boosted virtual assistant has ended up being a little a lot more frustrating that it probably ought to be.

The “Hey, Siri” command, which permits you activate her without touching your phone, as long as it’s plugged right into a power source, seems to have a behavior of arbitrarily triggering at instead strange times.

A number of participants of the TUAW team have actually had Siri awaken at awkward times:

  • Erica’s iPhone woke Siri while she was watching a video on that same device, with relatively no setting off expression having initiated it.
  • Steve’s iPhone believed he was speaking to it when he stated “Hey darling” to his better half, at which factor Siri took control and asked exactly what he really wanted to discuss. Giggling ensued.
  • My very own examinations show that my phone feels to the expression “Hi there Jerry,” and even transcribes it completely when it gets up, showing that the phone knows specifically what I stated, yet determined to get up anyhow. Maybe it’s a Seinfeld fan?

I also tested the phrase with a voice memo, which supplied definite proof that the phone will certainly awaken to the phrase “Hi there Siri” also when the phone itself is the one doing the talking. Can you picture the prospective trolling chances that music artists now have? If a person inserts the phrase “Hi there Siri” into their favorite track, there are visiting be a great deal of baffled iPhone customers out there.

Certainly, you can completely disable the voice activation feature by heading right into your settings app, the General menu, then clicking on the Siri menu choice. Toggle “Hello Siri” off as well as you will not need to fret about it once again.

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