You might or could not be in favor of the concept of jailbreaking your iOS device, however regardless of your personal position, it could not be refuted that the tweaks in Cydia push the boundaries far past just what’s capable at stock level. Allowing a user to download torrents, alter their default browser or adjust the theme are characteristics regular of the jailbreak scene, but while catching thieves isn’t an activity we generally relate to jailbreaking, one quick-thinking target managed to retrieve a lost mobile phone making use of a tweak created totally for this objective.

Apps that enable users to find misused gizmos are more prevalent now than they have actually ever been, however even with this, unwanted activities such as burglary continuously be widespread. As one Redditor figured out when his spouse’s iPhone 6 was stolen from her coat pocket, though, these services in fact work, and in this occasion, iCaughtU Pro so takes place to be a jailbreak-only energy.


When Reddit individual G1ngerbeer and his better half found that the iPhone 6 was missing, he swiftly undertook situating it making use of iCaughtU Pro, and not simply did the solution track the device to just a couple of miles away, but also, was emailed an image of the thief as she ‘d attempted unavailing to get in a passcode.

Having flagged down a police officer, to which G1ngerbeer explained the situation, he and stated cops policeman tracked the women individual down to a couple of blocks away. Even with opposing her virtue, proposing that she would certainly located the smartphone as opposed to taken it from the ignored pocket of a jacket disconnected at a church, she was apprehended, and given the proof offered by the tweak, is more probable to be found guilty than she perhaps could have been.

G1ngerbeer is plainly among those individuals that takes fantastic care with his things. He and his wife’s devices likewise have the IfFound modify, which presents certain get in touch with details of a proprietor if a device is shed, and must the claimed suspect have in fact discovered the device, she could easily have called G1ngerbeer and solved he release without happening.


Of program, while these systems for tracking shed products serve, they do have their drawbacks; particularly, helping with vigilante justice. The target in this situation did exactly the appropriate factor in calling a cops officer and obtaining the suspicious jailed, however on a different day, in a various city, factors could possibly very effortlessly have acquired horrible.

Also if you’re jailbroken or otherwise, we very suggest that you at the very least put stock degree safety measures in position. And when it come to iOS, turn Locate My iPhone on. You could do that by just browsing to Settings > > iCloud > Find My iPhone.

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