Considering that the Cydia store is packed to the rafters with tweaks and packages that span across multiple aspects of Apple’s mobile operating system, it is always a nice treat to see an offering land in the repositories that offers something slightly different and exists solely to enhance a part of the operating system that has often been overlooked in the past. The CallTap tweak, may not be feature packed but it does offer some useful functions.

In a standard installation of iOS, the Contacts app has largely remained untouched since inception and although it is a functional stock application, it doesn’t really offer the features or abilities which many feel it should.

The app allows contacts to be viewed and edited, added or deleted, and also acts as an interface that allows users to invoke phone calls by tapping the relevant number. The CallTap package recognizes that some users may require a bit more functionality and hooks into the Contacts app to change the way certain things are accessed.

After installation, CallTap doesn’t append the home screen with any additional app icons but does come with its own preferences bundles that lives within the native Settings app. The configurable options are all centered around the different available gestures and what function each gesture should invoke. Installing this package adds a new iOS detailed view indicator to the table view of the added contacts, something which when tapped can be set to produce various results.

CallTap offers the user a standard tap gesture as well as recognizing a long press and a selection of the new detailed indicator. Users can select the function which they want each gestures to invoke, with the options being; to make a call, compose a new message, compose a new e-mail, start a new FaceTime call or drill down to the actual details that are held within that contact. Setting up the package is easy and problem free, with each action being able to be set within a matter of minutes after installation. The tweak works exactly as described, but I can’t help feeling that it will ultimately boil down to personal preference as to whether users will download this considering all of its options can be accessed from the drilled down detail view that is part of the native iOS.

CallTap is available to download from the BigBoss repository as a free of charge download with no iOS version requirements being specified.

Of course, you will need to jailbreak your device to install this tweak.
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