iOS 7 beta 6 download was seeded about a week or so ago, and is currently the latest available beta version of the next generation iPhone, iPod touch and iPad operating system that has been seeded to Apple’s registered developers. Despite some sources claiming that a beta 7 might also get to see light of the day, it seems unlikely at this point, as neither is there enough time nor much need for that.

iOS 7 beta 6 was made available to users through both an OTA update as well as being seeded through the Apple Developer portal. The OTA update was the smallest in all of iOS 7 betas released, weighing in at a mere 13 MB and containing nothing except an emergency bug fix that prevented iTunes purchases from showing up on multiple devices registered with the same Apple ID. It didn’t carry any performance improvements whatsoever, either, and was merely a bug fixing release.

iOS 7 beta 6 iPhone 5

Official channels of distribution for iOS 7 betas, including version 6, remain the Apple Developer portal, where it’s available for registered users. The direct download links of iOS 7 beta 6 for all supported devices are provided here.

While it is also possible to get the required beta IPSWs through unofficial file sharing channels, we strictly advise against that, since not only is it illegal, but also has the potential of a malicious file entering your system, as you have no way of verifying if what you’re downloading is the real deal, or someone’s mis-intent. Also, owing to the betas instability as daily drivers, they’re generally not advisable for regular usage.

iOS 7 beta

Keeping the release schedule of previous versions of iOS in view, it’s likely that Apple will not be releasing any more betas, unless some last minute critical bugs are identified. The next milestone would be the Gold Master (GM) for iOS 7, which is basically the same thing as the final version but available to selected audience. Expected GM release can coincide with Apple’s Media Event on September 10, followed by the final release of iOS 7 on September 18, one week after the GM.

iOS 7 is the most dynamic change to the operating system’s interface since the original iPhone was released back in 2007, and there’s a lot counting on it. Overall feedback so far has been mixed, but it will be only when the OS is publically accessible that we’ll be able to have a final verdict. Until then, let’s keep counting days till September 10!

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