Apple has kept the developer betas of iOS 6.1 coming in thick and fast, and with download of iOS 6.1 Beta 2 having just been seeded by the Cupertino company, we’re here with the usual jailbreaking details.ios 61 pwned copy

It is – as ever – a tethered break, and it’ll only work with iOS devices susceptible to the Limera1n exploit, so those running A4 or earlier. If you own an iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad 3/4 or iPad mini, or a fifth-gen iPod touch, you won’t be able to participate, since none of them can be jailbroken on iOS 6. If you’re rocking an iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, or iPod touch 4th-gen and wish to jailbreak on the latest dev beta, you can do so with ease.

The latest version of Redsn0w hasn’t been updated to support the new iOS 6.1 beta 2, and likely wont be updated until iOS 6.1 is public, but if you follow the usual guide – pointing to the new firmware instead of the old one – then you’ll find the jailbreak works once again.

As already mentioned, the jailbreak is tethered. This means, whenever you wish to reboot or switch your device off, you will need to connect to your PC or Mac, open Redsn0w, and boot in tethered mode. It’s not too much of a hassle, but if you’re out and about and your device decides to crash, the tethered break renders it essentially useless. As such, it is advised you only jailbreak a device you don’t consider to be your “daily runner.”

The latest beta, available to developers only, offers improved options for developers looking to integrate Maps into their apps, and although jailbreaking isn’t necessarily at the top of everybody’s agenda, it’s nice to have the option there on the table.

1. Download iOS 6.0.1 from here. Download iOS 6.1 Beta 2 from here. Update your device to iOS 6.1 Beta 2. Register your UDID here.

2. Download and run Redsn0w 0.9.15 Beta 3 from here.

3. Navigate to Extras –> Select IPSW option and manually point Redsn0w to the original iOS 6.0.1 (not iOS 6.1 Beta 2) file.

image (1)

4. Now from the main screen of Redsn0w, simply click on Jailbreak, followed by Next to selectCydia. Enter your device into DFU mode with the help of onscreen instructions on Redsn0w.

That’s about it. Redsn0w will now automatically inject your device with Limera1n exploit to jailbreak and install Cydia on it. Once done, select “Autoboot this device when it connects in DFU mode” to restart the device in tethered boot mode.

Since this is a tethered jailbreak for iOS 6.1 Beta 2, you will always need to reboot your device into tethered mode in order to run Cydia and other jailbreak related apps. Whenever your device loses power, simply connect your device to your PC or Mac and start Redsn0w. Navigate toExtras and then just use Just Boot option to boot into tethered jailbreak mode.

The various dev teams are looking into a fully-untethered jailbreak for iOS 6, but it is proving quite a tricky test of their resolve. The infamous cat and mouse between the jailbreak community and Apple is fascinating to watch, and although we eventually tend to get that elusive untethered jailbreak, the wait can be pretty tantalizing at times.

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