People do strange factors currently of year, which includes pretty much anything that they can shoehorn some form of Christmas, Santa Claus or fairy recommendation into. If you’ve not had enough of the festive period right now though and have a particular urge to start fiddling with your Wi-Fi network’s name, then we have something you merely may such as.

It shows up that there is rather the underground motion where individuals select unusual, remarkable and incredibly strange names for their Wi-Fi networks, and viewing as it’s Xmas there’s nothing much better than thinking of something all holiday-themed. Well, besides perhaps having Santa himself be the network name. Not the word either – – oh no – we suggest a real image of Santa, complete with a hat!

Santa emoji main

The means to get Santa as your Wi-Fi network name is actually a case of putting emoji right into the right option box depending on how simple or complex you really want points to be. Making use of a Mac at the very least, the most convenient method to have Santa’s face staring back at your when you look for networks is to create a common Net connection using the Discussing preference pane in System Preferences. Now you’re visiting pick Wi-Fi Options, and in the Network Call box, making use of the Mac’s built-in emoji options, simply decide on the relevant Santa one and you’re done. For those that don’t remember, pressing COMMAND+CONTROL+SPACE will certainly raise the emoji goodness.


If you’re more of a tinkerer though you might simply change the name of your Wi-Fi access point’s network, however that will mean that anything looking for the old network will neglect to attach and can be a genuine discomfort if you need to start getting in passwords throughout once again.

That claimed, it’s Xmas. Live a little!

(through: LifeHacker)

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