Today’s exciting patent infringement news of the day comes courtesy of Computerworld, which reports that HTC — which is being sued for patent infringement by Apple along with Motorola Mobility — filed a counterclaim yesterday before a court in Florida.

In its filing, HTC said that it had been assigned all rights, title and interest of a patent titled “Installation of network services in an embedded network server” that was originally assigned to HP. It said the same for another patent, “Method and system for central management of a computer network” that was assigned to Electronic Data Systems (EDS), which was acquired by HP in 2008.

Both patents were apparently licensed or sold to HTC through HPs program for selling intellectual property. Yes, you too can license or buy these patents, then go to court to sue anyone who seems to be even partially infringing on HP’s your intellectual property rights.

HTC, which to my knowledge has never sold a server or any server administration tools, is claiming that Apple Remote Desktop, Apple Profile Manager, and other products infringe on the former EDS patent it now owns. It’s also claiming that the “embedded network servers” exist in iOS and OS X in the form of services such as Newsstand, and that Macs and various versions of the iPhone and iPad are infringing on that HP patent.

Excuse me, I’m going to Kickstarter a fund to license a bunch of HP patents and sue the pants off of HTC. It’s a “quietly brilliant” idea, isn’t it? Be right back…

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