Whenever a brand-new smartphone is released there’s consistently somebody asking the inescapable inquiry: exactly what happens when I toss it throughout the ground, or perhaps dunk it in water or offer it a few strikes using a hammer?

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In the beginning it might appear like a silly question, considering that none people are going to ever look at something so expensive are we? Unfortunately, as many of us have actually learnt, it matters not how thoroughly you believe you’re dealing with that high-end mobile phone, there’s consistently going to be a little heart-stopping moments when it handles to writhe from your grasp. Rigidness tests provide us a reasonable suggestion of how well we can anticipate our phones to survive when the inevitable takes place.

The most up to date phone to suffer the indignity of being on the receiving end of a decrease / dunk / hammer examination is the brand-new HTC One M8, which was revealed simply yesterday, with the significant device being went down onto what appears like a road from waist-height. If you’re of a tense personality, you could wish to look away round concerning now.

For the purpose of performing a fairly scientific test, YouTuber David Rahimi chose to fall the handset thrice; as soon as on its back, the moment on its advantage and finally, when on its face. You would certainly visualize the screen-down fall would do the most damage, however with displays regularly improving in size we’ve viewed lots of huge mobile phones pulverize when landing on an edge as an example, simply given that of the stress such a landing could put on all that glass.


You might would like to give the video a watch yourself if you have the HTC One on your shopping checklist, but also for those that can not bring themselves to see it, the results are very easy and rather predictable. A landing on the back or side of the phone outcomes in scratches and scuffs right here and there, though the screen does remain undamaged with no blemishes to be seen either. The final impact to the front of the phone is way too much for the One to take care of however, with splits and scratches galore. So yeah, do not fall your new mobile phone.


And exactly what regarding dunking the HTC One M8 in water, and taking a little impacts from a hammer? View for yourself:



Another high-end phone flies off to the fantastic electronic recycling plant overhead. And we hardly understood him.

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