The HTC One M8 today joins the may of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z2 in the mobile market, with each established to do struggle and effort to seal its spot as 2014′′ s most preferred high-end phone. Right here, we take a closer at the Big 3, consisting of specifications and form element, in order to attempt and establish which of these humdingers will arise successful once the retail battle commences.

One M8 vs GS5 vs Z2

With HTC having simply released its most current and greatest, we now have three brand new smartphones at hand, and each will certainly be competing for the sought after position as Android’s big cheese. Samsung’s Galaxy S range has actually been the undisputed master of the top-end Android market throughout the previous number of years, yet with HTC having actually made some noteworthy ground up on its Oriental rival in 2012, the Taiwanese clothing will certainly be aiming to combine its position as a big-timer again. Sony, at the same time, is the clear underdog, but having been excited by its qualifications after the MWC launch, we’re absolutely not going to write it off just yet.

So, allow’s start with the resemblances. Each tool packs in a solid Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor with at the very least 2GB of RAM, although the Z2 comes with 3GB of RAM. The clock rates differ a little between each tool despite the fact that the processors coincide, however while there are several variables that establish general efficiency, you could be rather certain that whichever of these 3 mobile phones takes your fancy, you’ll take pleasure in a glossy total encounter on the very latest Android 4.4.2.


The Galaxy S5 and Xperia Z2 are water resistant – – yet strangely the HTC One M8 doesn’t carry an IP defense tag – – and as such, users are most likely to take them out with additional adventurous surface. In these circumstances, it’s always great to have a strong camera, and this is one area in which Sony, Samsung and HTC have actually plainly sought to improve things. The 4K video capacities of the brand-new Xperia Z2 and Galaxy S5 have been well-documented, and while the HTC One M8′′ s double-whammy of 4-megapixel shooters offer, it is declared, some impressive innovations and much better picture emphasis, we’ll book strong judgment till we have some proof of its point-and-shoot qualifications. For now, however, the Sony and Samsung handsets should definitely attract the amateur digital photographer, and if the HTC One’s camera was anything to pass, so should the M8.

As you could view from the table, there’s truly very little to call in between these gadgets, and exactly which handset you choose to select need to be based after individual choices and demands. Just what we’re saying right here, is that no person tool is clearly much better compared to the others, and while you’ll have to pass up specific features on whichever road you choose to take, it’s up to you which showcases they will certainly be.


For instance, the Galaxy S5 supplies the versatility of having the ability to eliminate the electric battery, which is an oft-essential attribute for power individuals. Yet one can suggest that while the HTC One M8′′ s unibody is limiting hereof, it’s considerably much easier on the eye compared to the S5. Similarly, if you go with the metallic finish of the new HTC, you’re at danger of getting scratches, which might then, in turn, persuade you towards the Sony Xperia Z2′′ s glass surface.

The table is offered just as a standard to the decision-making process, and if you’re still uncertain, we ‘d extremely suggest hanging around until you can try each tool out with in-store demo. This will give you a first-hand opportunity to obtain a correct understanding of each smartphone and in turn, form a decision that you’re less most likely to regret in the future.

SM-G900F_electric BLUE_02

Still, from a sales viewpoint, it’s most likely that Samsung’s Galaxy S5 will surround it, vanquishing more demanding competition from the HTC One M8. Even though sales of the 2013 HTC One were remarkable, the Samsung brand is still unbelievably strong, and while some dissatisfied customers have actually cited the Oriental firm’s absence of technology with the S5, it should still be adequate to lug the flag. Sony, at the same time, has struggled rather to stay on par with the rest of the field, and while the Z2 is comparable to its two primary competitors in nearly every way, we discovered it still to be missing that ‘‘ wow’ element in our video evaluation.

One M8 vs GS5 vs Xpera Z2 comparison chart

Which one of these gadgets has won over your loves? Do you like the feature-rich new Galaxy S5; the sleek sophistication of the Sony Xperia Z2? Or probably you now have your heart established on the HTC One M8 and its curvaceous, high-end surface?

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