Last week, folks at MacRumors put the leaked iPad 3 display under the microscope and confirmed that it was indeed a high resolution Retina Display.

However, to be doubly sure they sent the iPad 3 display to iFixit – the site that offers free repair manuals for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

While iFixit couldn’t get the leaked iPad 3 display working in an iPad 2 as the iPad 3 cable is completely different than the one found on the iPad 2 making it impossible to connect to the logic board, they have confirmed that the leaked iPad 3 is indeed a Retina Display and is slightly lighter.

We took out our USB microscope and double-verified that this display was indeed a “Retina” display, and also noted some other interesting discrepancies between the two displays.

They’ve also posted the following video to explain the difference between the iPad 2 and iPad 3 display:


We won’t have to wait too long as Apple is expected to unveil iPad 3 on March 7th, followed by the launch a week or so after the event.

Apple’s iPad 3 is expected to come with Retina Display, the next generation A6 system-on-chip with a quad-core processor, improved front and rear camerasSiri and support 4G LTE networks.

We can’t wait to be blown away by an iPad 3 with Retina Display and it will be a bonus if it is lighter than iPad 2.

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