The iPhone 6 Plus, the larger of Apple’s 2 brand-new phones, is the excellent choice for individuals who’ve time out of mind been drawn in to devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note but like iOS, and among the 10 million iPhones offered over the launch weekend, a substantial part would have been made specifically by those getting the Cupertino’s very first phablet. Yet while the majority of those who went out and made the purchase are reporting positively of their latest purchase, some have inadvertently taken care of to flex their device out of shape just by leaving it in a pocket when executing an activity.

It’s not uncommon for phones to come to be ruined in all way of scenarios, but a device bending while positioned inside an individual’s pocket is a little uncommon. It has, it should be stated, struck a few iPhone 5s users in current times, however considered that the iPhone 6 Plus is much larger as well as, then, notably thinner, the risk of flexing taking place is only likely to increase.


One customer, having kept his device in his front meet pocket for many of the day, invested the substantial majority of his time driving, resting and dancing, however soon discovered time later that his device has actually been somewhat angled out of form.

The obvious remedy to preventing this issue developing with your device is to make sure that it is not in a susceptible position when you’re resting down, bending, or partaking in any sort of extensive activity. From what we’ve seen so much, the iPhone 6 Plus is not specifically sturdy, as well as also if you’re in ownership of the smaller iPhone 6, the mere fact that this has additionally affected iPhone 5s individuals in the previous methods that you too should wage a fair dose of caution.



Selecting up a respectable case or cover will obviously assist your cause, specifically one included a strong material, although you will certainly shed a few of the thinness of the total profile. Still, we would certainly say that it’s much better to have a somewhat bulkier iPhone compared to one with an inadvertently curved profile, even if bent screens are currently in style.

Have you experienced a similar concern with your iPhone 6 / 6 Plus?

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