iOS 10: A glance at 30 extra new functions [Movie]

Last week we covered 75 new iOS 10 features, and this week we are showcasing an additional 30 new features to be found on the iOS 10 beta.

It’s no secret that Apple’s latest iPhone and iPad software update brings some massive changes along with many not-so-obvious changes to the table. In this video walkthrough, we explore even more of those changes.

Below, you’ll find the full list of features covered in this walkthrough. Of course, there will be other features that we uncover over the course of time, so we’ll be sure to follow up with information pertaining to any new items found in individual breakdowns and compilation posts like this one.

Hands-on with 30 new iOS 10 features

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  1. Play Inline video on Safari on iPhone
  2. New Safari landscape tab view for smaller iPhones
  3. Quickly close all Safari tabs
  4. Search bookmark folders and reading list in Safari
  5. Drag gesture to open Safari split-view on iPad
  6. Tap and hold on a link → Share
  7. Swipe up on a photo to show related photos
  8. Smoother Live Photos
  9. Lyrics in the Music app
  10. Siri suggests what you may have meant
  11. Message Notifications when in full screen Digital Touch or App
  12. Handwriting in Messages when in landscape
  13. Clear all Notifications in Notification Center
  14. Search while inside any app by pulling down Notification Center
  15. New Look Up option replaces Define
  16. 3D Touch a 3rd party app to share the app
  17. 3D Touch a folder to rename the folder
  18. 3D Touch an in-progress download to cancel or pause or resume the download
  19. 3D Touch Folder with a notification shows the app with the notification
  20. 3D Touch now works on searched apps and Siri suggested apps
  21. Music can now play while taking Live Photos
  22. Calendar automatically fills in frequent event names
  23. Spotlight now searches iCloud Drive
  24. Markup now appears in the Photos app
  25. Home app shortcuts in Control Center
  26. Emergency per-contact bypass for Do Not Disturb
  27. Accessibility Magnifier
  28. Find My Apple Watch (technically a watchOS 3 feature)
  29. Optimization warnings when running 32-bit apps
  30. New Apple TV Remote app

When combined with our previous walkthrough, that’s over 100+ new features in iOS 10 alone. We’re sure there’s additional hidden stuff to be uncovered as well. Needless to say, iOS 10 is a massive upgrade over iOS 9.

Such an update is even more impressive when you consider that iOS 9.3 was a fairly large update in and of itself. iOS 9.3 added new features like Night Shift mode, password-protected Notes, updates to the Activity app and Health app, new 3D Touch shortcuts, and much more.

When you consider that major updates were also revealed for watchOS 3, tvOS 10, and macOS Sierra, then it’s obvious that Apple has been on a frantic tear over the last year.

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Have you found any additional features that we didn’t mention in either of our hands-on walkthroughs? If so, sound off in the comments down below with your findings.

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