There’s no denying that the public launch of iOS 7.1 brings with it a number of positives for individuals. However, to choose those positives, it additionally looks like there might be a sizable unfavorable affixed to iOS 7.1, with numerous individuals reporting considerable battery drainpipe after upgrading to the most recent firmware.

iOS battery Lightning

Apple isn’t really specifically a complete stranger when it pertains to warding off inquiries regarding inadequate electric battery life on its mobile gadgets. The launch of the iPhone 4s back in 2011 was outweighed by reports that a rather big set of users were experiencing horrible battery related issues out-of-the-box. Quickly ahead a few years and we get to the most current iPhone 5s launch, which led to Apple launching a public declaration to validate that a large batch of 5s tools had actually been affected by troublesome electric batteries and would certainly be replaced. It looked as though iOS individuals were out of the woods, yet if the Apple forums and social media sites websites are anything to go by then we can be regarding to introduce the “iOS 7.1 Batterygate” era.

Disgruntled users that have been affected by the supposed vermin have actually been requiring to Twitter, Facebook and Apple’s own support forums to vent their irritation. Setting up iOS 7.1 most certainly speeds up the entire experience, making interacting with the iPhone or iPad much more pleasurable, yet the trade-off for numerous owners is that electric battery is exhausted rapidly. We have not listened to any type of official word from Apple, yet there is an idea that recovering and mounting a clean variation of iOS 7.1 can possibly settle the issue, although this is also yet to be verified.

iPhone 5s iPad Air

Baseding on a graph created by ArsTechnica, where they examine drove iOS 7.1 against iOS 7.0.6, it comes to be evident that the electric battery life difference exists:


At this point, we’re uncertain if Apple will promptly resolve this problem or otherwise. But it’s extremely likely that a factor upgrade in the coming weeks or so ought to be on its means, which will certainly take care of electric battery life problems to some level.

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