Life 360Apple has actually turned around a change it made to exactly how customers quit location-aware apps in iOS 7. In the new OS, Apple changed how location-aware applications function when they are force-quit by customers. In iOS 7.0, individuals that require quit an app– by double-tapping the home button and swiping up– likewise disable all location-aware features which formerly would continuously run in the background.

One application in specific, Life360, utilizes background place abilities to enable family and friends to find each various other. In iOS 7, when a customer pressure gives up the app, all location-aware background solutions were disabled. This induced the business to have an abrupt increase of negative reviews and let down customers. Some applications also saw 30-50 percent declines in users complying with the modification, baseding on Life360 CEO Chris Hulls which spoke with MacRumors yesterday.

Now, in iOS 7.1 beta 5, launched a week ago, the modification has been reversed and Hulls attributes that to a letter that Life360 and a number of other designers sent to Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook on February 1. In the beta, background place solutions stay running when an app is pressure quit, very same as in iOS 6.

VentureBeat has the very first a number of paragraphs of the email:

Dear Apple iOS Advancement Group,

We are a team of Apple designers that count on iOS geolocation services for center components of our companies. iOS 7 was widely stimulating to us, as new features such as Area Beacons, Background Networking, and Multi-Peer Connection give us the capacity to do things we never ever thought were feasible.

In previous models of iOS, if a customer killed an application in the application switcher, developers were still able to obtain geolocation in the background. With iOS 7, when a user eliminates an application, all processes are ended until the individual by hand restarts the app. We value the intent behind this change, which we realize was done to provide users more control over exactly what is running on their phones, yet it has actually induced major unintentional effects. … Several designers who depend on background geolocation have seen their app rankings fall by over 3 superstars.

Life360 is a free download on the App Store.

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