It’s unsubstantiated that it took Apple up until iOS 4 to finally include multitaksing capability. However you understand Apple, consistently preferring to take its dear pleasant time and make certain that a new function is up to snuff instead of launching something half-baked.

With iOS 7, Apple completely re-imagined the iOS user interface. In doing this, the multitasking pane was completely overhauled into a far more aesthetically feeling free to card-like user interface evocative WebOS on the Hand Pre. While iOS 7 definitely has its reasonable share of critics, many would agree that the the brand-new multitasking view in iOS 7 is considerably a lot more useful and intuitive.

Accessing the multitasking pane is as simple as getting the residence button two times and delicately swiping via the list of open applications till you find exactly what you’re trying to find.

But there’s a power suggestion prowling best underneath the surface area.

If you have a lot of applications provided in your multitasking sight– and they sure do build up quickly– you can swipe with them at warp speed (read: a lot, much faster) if you swipe to the left or right with the images themselves as opposed to utilizing the actual preview displays.

The video below, at concerning 29 secs in, provides a clear demo.


And below’s one last multitasking pointer on the residence:

As you most likely know, taking out an app from the multitasking pane is as easy as swiping an app card up-wards. If you have a multitude of applications open, nonetheless, you can speed up the process by picking (i.e tapping and holding) up to 3 cards all at once and eliminating them at one time.

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