Apple’s iOS 8 appeared to be experiencing a smooth preliminary change, with countless customers downloading on the quite initial day of its launch and also bugs apparently as minor as they were few. Yet after the mess that Apple made with iOS 8.0.1, things appear to have actually gone downhill rather, and also it now shows up that iOS 8′′ s ‘‘ Reset All Settings’ function is also taking out iCloud Drive files apparently risk-free in Apple’s protected online storage hub.

Reset All Settings is expected to operate exactly as the name suggests; to totally clean settings while preserving data. The timely that pops up just before the procedure ares used leaves the individual in no question, reassuringly stating that “no data or media will be removed.”Regrettably, for some iOS 8 users, however, a glaring bug views Apple’s software application renege on this guarantee, with a variety of individuals having because been soothed of their iCloud Drive information.

iCloud Drive main

It does seem as though the concern might be particular just to information and documents connecting to Apple’s very own swimming pool of apps, consisting of the iWork collection, but considered that these efficiency apps are supposed to be at the heart of the Cupertino’s collective press in the fight versus Google and Microsoft, it certainly doesn’t produce satisfied result.

It appears that when the Reset All Settings attribute is used in iOS 8, iWork documents are deleted from iCloud Drive, and also once synced with a Mac, apparently gone forever. Because Apple’s cloud storage device has no trashcan / recycle container, these papers are lost in the online world never to be bounced back, therefore if you’re an iCloud Drive individual running on iOS 8, the immediate guidance is to not attempt to use the Reset All Settings feature until further notice.


Those supported up using Time Equipment may still be able to recover whatever has been gotten rid of from iCloud Drive, but the bug will certainly no doubt annoy an iOS 8 customer base that has been fined its fair share of troubles lately.

The previously mentioned iOS 8.0.1 left some 40,000 users without any speakable link and also a non-functioning Touch ID just before the iOS software group came through with a restorative update, and with iCloud having not long back been mesmerized in a well-publicized rumor relating to leaks of exclusive pictures, this type of problem should be nipped n the bud as rapidly as feasible.

With OS X Yosemite on the horizon, Apple could ill-afford any prominent incidents, and the sooner Apple’s engineers source as well as modify this problem, the better.

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