It’s unexpected just how much I both enjoy and am bothered by the brand-new Hi Siri feature. It offers exactly what’s most likely the very best and the worst of all iOS 8 features at the same time. So what’s this dichotomy? How can I be so divided down the middle about this? Let me discuss.

Hey Siri

iOS 8’s new “Hi Siri” provides a voice triggered prompt. If you’re driving and your iPhone is connected to a power source, or if your iPad is charging throughout the space, you can scream out “Hey Siri, set a timer for 3 minutes” and Siri will do precisely that. A few minutes later on, your device will certainly beep and you’ll understand to take the eggs off the stove.

“Hi Siri” is great for quick computations (“Exactly what’s 371 divided by four?”), for shazaaming (“What’s that song?”), for requesting songs (“Play something by Josh Turner”), for directions (“How do I get to a filling station?”) etc. The hands-free performance is incredible.

At the same time, you need to be actually truly careful about where and when you deploy “Hi Siri”. I can’t inform you how lots of times I’ve been talking on my landline and Siri pipelines up and offered to run an internet search based upon my current discussion. It’s a little humiliating when chatting but it can be rather significant in expert meetings or with privileged conversations such as in a medical setting.

Thankfully, you can quickly disable voice-activated Siri. First, simply disconnect your gadget. “Hey Siri” is currently limited to power-tethered use. Second, you can override Siri by jumping into Settings >) General >) Siri >) Voice Activation and toggle the option to OFF. This is a function that actually should have been positioned into the Control Center– I encourage you to submit a function demand to put it there!

Once you’re pull back from those possibly unpleasant minutes? Turn that showcase right back on due to the fact that Hi there Siri is a real favorite, warts and all.

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