iOS 8 is acquiring better daily. For those people which have been making use of the developer betas for the past several months, it’s been fun to view the glitches being worked out, enjoy performance improving, as well as to start using the brand-new features.

iOS 8 Messages app location sending/sharing

Over the past numerous days we’ve checked out the new iOS 8 Messages application features, that include both audio as well as video messages that you could record and also send out with easy gestures. Now let’s take a look at one more function of Messages– the capacity to share your location with others.

When you’re in a chat with several individuals in iOS 8 Messages, you could make a decision to discuss your area. It’s fast as well as simple! On top of the discussion screen, just to the right of the name or address of the individual or team you’re chatting with, you’ll find an Aspects link. Touch on it, and also component way adverse the Information page you’ll find two additional web links– Send My Current Place and Share My Area.

The initial time you tap one of these, you’ll be asked if you desire to enable Messages to access your area while you use the app. You’ll have to touch Allow in order to send your place. Touching Send My Present Location sends out a brief aesthetic message revealing a thumbnail map with a pin highlighting your existing location. The recipient could tap on that thumbnail to open up Maps as well as watch more in-depth info about the location or obtain instructions to there.

Share My Place is a bit different. Tapping on this link screens a pop-up with four various selections: Share for One Hr, Share Until End of Day, Share Forever, or Cancel. What’s nice concerning this is that you could discuss your area for a quite brief amount of time– perfect for those scenarios where you really want an individual to join you, yet not always to know where you are continuously– or discuss your place continuously. The latter scenario could be useful for moms and dads which wish an area for their kids in any way times.

Before you utilize Share My Area, you’ll have to allow the capacity in Settings > ) iCloud >) Share My Area. Now when you decide on Share My Area, no message is really sent out. As an alternative, if the recipient of your message taps the Specifics link, they view a map revealing a little face icon at your place. Believe of it as “Discover My Good friends”, yet with Messages– an app that a lot of individuals make use of.

Sending your location to a buddy using an iOS 7 device works also– they’ll obtain the very same map thumbnail in addition to the cool associated with the Maps application. Nonetheless, on a Mac running OS X Mavericks, they’ll view simply the thumbnail map with a pin in it. It’s also more weird in OS X Yosemite Developer Beta 7– it sends out a call card with your place and does not present the map. I suspect that’s why they call it a beta …

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