iOS 9.3.4 Jailbreak On iPhone 6s Teased With A Designer

Jailbreaking iOS devices is a complicated thing. with each new release of Apple’s mobile operating system closing doors that previously allowed hackers to create the jailbreaks that us mere mortals use.

When Apple released iOS 9.3.4 yesterday, it was to plug at least one security hole which was used to enable jailbreaking on iOS 9.2-9.3.3 by Pangu Team, but today it looks like iOS 9.3.4 is already jailbroken as shown by one photo on Twitter. Shared by Luca Tedesco who has form for being the first out to the blocks with new jailbreaks teases – he earlier jailbroke previous versions of iOS as well – the image shows Cydia running on an iPhone 6s running iOS 9.3.4.

iOS 9.3.44-jailbreak-iOS

We have little reason to doubt the photo’s authenticity, meaning Tedesco is the first to share proof of a working iOS 9.3.4 jailbreak just a day after its release.

While this should generally be good news, unfortunately though, Luca himself has said this a number of times in the past that he won’t be sharing his exploits for public jailbreaks. This isn’t the first time a jailbreak has been held back for all kinds of reasons, with hackers often wanting to keep their exploits private, either for research purposes, or other, in order to prevent Apple from patching them before a big release such as iOS 10 is officially released.

As for Apple, it announced yesterday that it was starting a new bug bounty program which could net hackers up to $200,000. The idea for the program, similar to those run by Google, is that hackers will find new security holes in iOS and then share them with Apple in return for a finder’s fee, making iOS more secure in the long run. With that in mind it’s possible Apple may be able to fill security holes more quickly, reducing the number of jailbreaks made available to those who like to use them.

iOS 9.3.4 jailbreak

iPhone 6s shown running Cydia on iOS 9.3.4

Time will tell if the bug bounty program will affect jailbreakers in the long run.

In the mean time, anyone wanting to jailbreak should stay clear of iOS 9.3.4 as currently there’s no public jailbreak solution available for iOS 9.3.4 firmware.

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