When you are writing an email or typing a note in iOS, the iOS key-board takes control the bottom component of the monitor, making it difficult to access Control Center.

iOS keyboard control center

This particular focus on the key-board is helpful for entering into text, however it is not so convenient if you require to switch over quickly to Control Center to brighten your monitor or switch over to the next track of your ambient songs.

There is a workaround, discussed by reader Mark Ducoff, that allows you to access Control Center also when the keyboard open.

As a refresher course, Control Center is an exceptional addition to iOS as it makes it very easy for you to gain access to frequently altered environments such as WiFi, illumination, volume and additional. You can open Control Center by wiping up from all-time low of the display, and you can shut it by swiping down.

These swiping gestures working out remarkably well, as long as you don’t have the key-board open. Opening up the keyboard interferes with the opening upward wipe– as opposed to registering the swipe, iOS gets a space bar press.

When you desire to open up Control Center and not leave from your entering session, you can simply double tap the House button to open the iOS app switcher.

The switcher positions the keyboard into the ambient, allowing you to wipe up from the base to bring up the Control Center cabinet. To obtain back to your typing, simply tap the Residence button as soon as to shut Control Center then touch it once again to return to the original app. Easy peasy.

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