Among the main reasons I enjoy my iPhone is its outstanding electronic camera that enables me to record a photo at a moment’s notice.

iOS Camera app

As noted when iOS 7 was released in 2012, Apple’s latest version of iOS significantly boosted the electronic camera application, providing options for scenic view mode, square photos and slow-mo video on choose designs.

When you are firing with the default iOS 7 electronic camera application, you could swipe to change in between the settings to choose the one you require for the moment.

Lots of people intuitively wipe on the tiny bar where the methods are labeled in the iOS application.

This little location could be tough to touch especially when you are in a rush, leading you to accidentally take a picture, select a filter or open up the thumbnail view.

iOS Camera app

There is a simpler way to switch in between settings– rather than wiping on the tags, wipe anywhere on the screen. Wiping anywhere on the display will pattern you through the methods.

If you are careless with your wipe, you might mistakenly activate concentration, yet if you are prompt, you will have the ability to choose your photo setting in merely a few secs.

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