The video camera in iOS 7 has a burst mode attribute that allows you to take up to 10 pictures each 2nd just by touching and holding the shutter button on your iPhone 5s \*\*. If you cannot tap the shutter since you are putting on handwear covers or are holding the cam at a strange angle, you can use the volume buttons as a data backup shutter launch mechsnism.

iPhone camera

To take a single shot, merely press and release one of the quantity buttons. The camera application will certainly concentrate then snap your go. Burst mode is equally accessible– merely press and hold either volume button and listen for the knowledgeable quick capturing audio.

An additional neat little method, if you have you iPhone headset connecteded into the phone, you could utilize the volume buttons on the headset to snap an image. It takes single pictures, though, and does not trigger burst method.

\*\* Burst method is likewise offered on older iPhone models, however the shot-to-shot rate is slower.

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