We’ve listened to lots of tales of exploding mobile phone batteries, yet this might be the first time we have actually seen a battery precisely the brink of actually exploding. A writer over at the Czech internet site Letem Svetem Applem lately saw his iPhone 3GS splitting at the seams thanks to an electric battery on the verge of bursting.

As you could view from the photos, the electric battery has greater than doubled in size, looking more like a plump water balloon than a reliable power source. As the proprietor notes in the post, the iPhone had actually shown no previous indications of trauma and has offered well considering that 2009.

He doesn’t reveal just what he plans to do with the tool, besides with any luck throw away of the defective electric battery, however it seems that this particular long-serving 3GS might have sent its last Czech message.

He likewise kept in mind that Apple’s European office has actually gotten to out to him.

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