We’ve already digested a good number of details on the iPhone 5c, but there’s even more information for you to consume.iphone5c-press2

Now that the press event is out of the way, select bloggers who were at the event have been able to get some hands-on time with the device. Read on to find out what they have to say about it.

Because they only had a short time with the device, these first impressions focus on a small part of the package, most notably the look and feel of the polycarbonate phone. The real reviews will come when the phone lands in the hands of reviewers and they get some quality time with device.

The Loop: “The iPhone 5C is a gorgeous looking phone, no matter what color choose. They all feel very rugged in their construction, so you can put any thoughts of a cheap iPhone out of your mind right now.”

Slash Gear: “It’s not a cheap-feeling phone, but it doesn’t have the same premium finish as the 5S. There’s something a little toy-like about it, though not in a bad way; it’s solid and dense, and creak-free, and the weight is evenly balanced along the length.”

Ars Technica: “People sometimes use “plasticky” as a shorthand for “cheap,” but there are plenty of ways to do plastic right. The iPhone 5C feels much more like Nokia’s (well, Microsoft’s) better plastic phones in your hands—not slippery or flexible like Samsung’s phones can feel.”

Engadget: “Apple heavily emphasized the idea that iOS 7′s colorful UI makes the 5c even better, and we have to believe it; given the five different hues, the new OS really works well this way when you choose a color scheme to match the hardware.”


The Verge: “The biggest question the phone has to answer, really, is why it exists: at $99 on contract it’s not a lot cheaper than the iPhone 5S will be when both become available on September 20th, and even the higher-end device comes in a few new colors.”

AnandTech: “The 5C might not be the flagship for Apple, but it’s arguably the more interesting of the two devices since it’s Apple’s next attempt at a polymer device. ”

TechCrunch: “the iPhone performs terrifically, and looks fantastic. The colors really pop, and the case fits solidly in the hand and thanks to a slightly rubberized feel it should be easier to hold onto than any previous iPhone as well. The color-match wallpapers add to the charm of the overall package, and that’s likely to appeal to customers who just want a device that looks great out of the box and doesn’t require any laborious customization.”

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