The iPhone 6 and also the jumbo-sized iPhone 6 Plus have actually plainly caught the creativity of new and alreadying existing iOS users all over the world with Apple videotaping greater than four million pre-orders taken in the initial 24-hours of accessibility and also 10 million devices marketed in 3 days alone. Add that along with the truth that the majority of designs are marketed out in many locations and you have yet one more successfully item launch for the Cupertino firm. You would think of that the preliminary enjoyment would concentrate on the brand-new capability of the hardware, or the brand-new functions of iOS 8, yet it appears you would picture incorrect. Thanks to the RatedRR YouTube channel, the interest seems to depend on trying to torture as well as destroy the equipment through numerous acts, such as this latest destruction video clip taped at a staggering 35,000 frames-per-second.

The most up to date RatedRR offering to land on the network proceeds on the assurance of offering 6 consecutive driving tests that already existing to place Apple’s most current equipment via its paces. Today’s offering is the 3rd in the series and functions Apple’s most recent and also greatest iPhone matched versus a variety of components that have actually shown to be very dangerous to electric devices in the past; water, filth and also concrete. To make the driving test video clip a little much more remarkable as well as “Hollywood-esque”, the whole encounter has been recorded at 35,000 frames-per-second to permit all the information to be witnessed in remarkable slow-motion.


So, what precisely do the tests show? Well, to start with we view the iPhone 6 fell right into a tub of chilly water from a moderate height. The device is then swiftly retrieved in a try to mimic the panic of a real-life water situation. For the second examination, the hardware is gone down from approximately hip elevation onto a gunk covered flooring to examine its resilience. Finally, the gold iPhone 6 in the video is dropped from a similar elevation, display first, for 2 concrete blocks. It possibly does not surprise you to discover that out of the 3 examinations the hardware videotaped a 66 % pass price. Water is fine. Filth is fine, yet it appears that the iPhone 6 as well as concrete do not jump on also well.

If that examination does not very cover the situations you may locate on your own in with your iPhone 6, then just how regarding a driving test including striking the display screen with a home builder’s hammer? That could appear a little on the severe side however you could never ever anticipate the circumstances you might find on your own in when utilizing your brand-new iPhone. Examine the video clips out for on your own and also view just what you believe.

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