Having trailed the iPhone 6 rumor factory for very time, we now have actually a fairly ensured listing of its specifications and features. Yet as we surround the September 9th news, plenty of on-off rumors still stay up in the air, and also for the umpteenth time, a leak has indicated that Apple will offer a 128GB storage space option.

The Android mobile phone sector is very enticing for a power user, as well as among the factors is that in addition to considerable on-board storage, owners of the higher-end phones could easily add capability by means of a microSD card. Apple does not do this, as well as provided the mark-up it makes as you move up the storage space increments, the circumstance is not likely to change.


Currently, an iPhone user could simply delight in 64GB of storage space as a downright max, as well as while this is ample for the substantial bulk, there are still numerous thousands out there seeking additional realty.

Sinced the iPhone 6 is set to be a device of several firsts with its bigger display, changed type element and also NFC, the idea of a 128GB storage option has actually also been thrown out there on a variety of events, and also although we had actually heard that the bottom-end 16GB setup may be sacrificed to facilitate this brand-new company, current records suggest or else.

Actually, the leakage (through GeekBar) rather reveals that Apple will certainly keep a base-level 16GB option, with the next 2 increments jumping to 64GB and 128GB, and also really, this does make some sense. After all, the 16GB is the most popular seller, and this will remain to hold true, while those prepared to ignore the entry-level gadget are more likely to leap directly to 64GB or past.



Sure, continuing the 32GB version as well as allowing customers broader option would certainly profit the customer, but from a manufacturing aspect, would make life a tad harder, and also with a singing minority calling out for even more iPhone storage, the relocate to ditch the 32GB iPhone for the 128GB mobile would arguably still draft in even more potential buyers.

There’s still a possibility, however, that Apple could include the 128GB alternative and also preserve every one of the present increments, yet while it’s challenging to determine the firm’s exact approach at this phase, it seems much more most likely than ever that a 128GB iPhone is nigh.

With Apple evidently looking to differentiate in between the 4.7-inch as well as 5.5-inch iPhone 6 models, though, it could well be that the new-found storage alternative only finds the bigger version, and also with simply a number of weeks now to go prior to the marvelous unveiling, we’ll be watching out for any sort of further advancements.

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