Vessyl, a smart mug created by Yves Behar, is designed to gauge and track any type of cocktail poured into it in real-time. Making use of sensors, Vessyl has the ability to spot alcoholic beverages that are gathered to it, from water and soda to homemade healthy smoothies, alcohols, coffee, tea, and much more.


When a beverage is poured into Vessyl, an accompanying iPhone application shows every one of the appropriate nutritional info concerning the beverage.

Vessyl is able to track numerous pre-bottled alcoholic beverages, yet it is likewise able to identify the nutritional content of handmade drinks, such as healthy smoothies or blended drinks. The Brink was able to check Vessyl and has an in-depth piece on the cup, including notes on its precision.

Let’s cut to the chase: while I just had an hour with a Vessyl prototype, I tried virtually a dozen drinks in it– and it effectively recognized all them. Within 10 secs, the device, which currently looks like additional of a Thermos than an end product, acknowledged Crush orange soft drink, Vitamin Water XXX, Tropicana orange juice, Gatorade Cool Blue, plain-old water, and a few various other refreshments, all by name. Yes, this mug understands the distinction between Gatorade Cool Blue and Icecap Freeze.

Vessyl can mention to the difference in between sturdy and weak coffee, Lee says, noting caffeine variations. It could also determine the sugar, protein, calories, fat deposits, and high levels of caffeine inside any type of refreshment you pour into it, mass-produced or homemade.

In addition to displaying dietary info, Vessyl also keeps an eye on just what an individual alcoholic beverages in the day, tallying statistics like calories consumed, caffeine levels, hydration, and much more. Individuals can establish goals within the app, tracking all these metrics and even more. Vessyl likewise tracks and approximates an individual’s real-time hydration needs based on just how much they drink, which is gauged through the liquid degree in the mug.


Vessyl, which holds 13 ounces of liquid, has a built-in display, a spill-proof cover, and a non-stick interior. It connects to an iPhone using Bluetooth 4.0 to submit nutrition information to its associated iPhone application, which additionally incorporates with popular activity trackers. The cup lasts for 5 to 7 days on a single cost and uses cordless charging.

Vessyl could be pre-ordered for $$ 99, but will later retail for $$ 199. It is readily available in 3 various colors (Shadow, Snow, and Vapor) along with many accent lid colors.

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