iOS 7.1, which Apple ultimately released to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users earlier on the month, brought with it a huge selection of changes and improvements including enhancements to Siri, iTunes Radio and the introduction of CarPlay.

iOS 71 folders

But where iOS 7.1 giveth, iOS 7.1 additionally taketh away, and and also plugging the Evasi0n jailbreak, the most up to date firmware additionally appeared to avoid an error of a feature that permitted nested folders on the house monitor. Now, however, there’s a convenient little workaround, and although it does require a bit of added effort, still does the exact same work.

Nested folders, or folders-within-folders, make it a great deal easier to maintain a clean, organized and clutter-free house monitor. As long-time visitors will certainly understand, we’re sturdy supporters of the very little method below at Redmond Pie, and as such, really feel compelled to pass this beneficial pointer onto those of you which share our views.

As previously mentioned, it’s not fairly as quickly attained similar to iOS 7.0. x, however hey, it works, and thinking about there’s no iOS 7.1 jailbreak yet, it’s an alleviation to see that this little ‘‘ hack’ is possible at stock level.

Below is a detailed tutorial on how you can develop nested folders in iOS 7.1. There’s no risk attached, and your device will certainly not come to any type of damage while following it, however however, you’ll need to check out each step closely in order to attain the desired result.

Step 1: Locate any sort of two apps on your device’s home monitor. It matters not whether they’re native or third-party, although it makes feeling to pick 2 that you desire to position into a folder. You will certainly additionally require to find a folder that you wish to nest within an additional.

Step 2: Place one of your icons over the various other, and as soon as the folder computer animation procedure begins, rapidly grab and hold the folder marked in the previous step.

Step 3: When the new folder zooms and is consequently developed, the folder you’re still holding could consequently be launched, and just like that, you’ve made your initial nested folder on iOS 7.1.

If you’re confused on how you can go regarding the process, just enjoy the video clip embedded here:


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