It isn’t really much of a shock when cam devices on a few of the finest Android phones out there are discovered to be taking images that do not do justice to the device. The Galaxy Note 4 unfortunately struggles with the same, but considering that it’s Android, efficiency as well as outcomes are rarely constant.

Many thanks to identified designer kevinrocksman at XDA, there is now a method to boost the photo top quality on your Note 4, expand video clip document time together with some extra rewards.

Galaxy Note 4 camera main

As holds true with modifying system apps on Android, this will simply work for rooted Note 4 devices running a personalized recuperation.

The mod consists of the following features:

  • JPEG quality to improved to 100 %
  • TWIN FHD max document time increased to 10 minutes
  • UHD max record time raised to 30 minutes
  • SMOOTH MOTION top quality increased from 24mbit to 65mbit
  • FHD quality improved from 20mbit to 40mbit

There are 2 methods to set about mounting this mod on your phone: through custom-made rehabilitation, or any root documents explorer. For those without a custom rehabilitation, the later technique needs to be the way to go.

Utilizing Custom Recovery

Step 1: Download the zip documents from the source link below.

Step 2: Replicate the file to the root of your device’s storage space.

Step 3: Switch over off the device as well as boot it right into recovery method by holding back both the quantity up and also down keys while turning the phone on. Permit go of the power button once you view the boot logo design.

Step 4: See to it to make a nandroid backup when in recuperation.

Step 5: Select the zip documents you duplicated to your device, as well as blink it to your phone.

Step 6: Once the data is installed, merely reboot the device.

Utilizing Any sort of Root File Explorer

Step 1: Download the changed APK and also xml file from the source link here.

Step 2: Make certain a root documents explorer like ES Data Explorer is set up. Run the app.

Step 3: Browse to system > > app and rename the SamsungCamera3.apk to SamsungCamera3.bak to keep it safe, as we will certainly be changing the original APK.

Step 4: Replicate the changed APK documents to system > > application and establish the approvals for the documents to rw-r-r.

Step 5: Replicate the media_profiles. xml documents to system > > etc, and established the approvals to rw-r-r.

Step 6: Just reboot the device now.

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