One of my largest beefs that own any kind of Android tool is the lag– that frustrating sluggishness or jerkiness that you notice either from the start, or as you keep using your device. The worst component is, no Android device seems to be without this torment, even the likes of flagships like HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4. The following couple of quick tweaks should aid to accelerate your gadget.

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Before we go into exactly what you actually should do, let’s know what lag is. There can be 2 kinds of lag, one being what you encounter when introducing an app, as an example, where the gadget seems to take a number of secs before it in fact executes your command. Such lag generally comes from an underpowered processor or insufficient RAM, and the OS is forced to dump and reload a multitude of data into RAM prior to it can collect and run the application. The 2nd, and arguably a lot more frustrating, lag is when the total user interface really feels sluggish, which is not always Android’s fault.

You view, with Android’s Job Butter, Google actually did a great deal of job to repair the OS lag. Nevertheless, for a device like Galaxy S4, which runs the greatly customized Android under TouchWiz, Samsung’s attempts to “beautify” the user interface can often enter your means. All those attractive computer animations that you observe at all times whilst utilizing your Galaxy S4 have a collection hold-up time of their own, and they stay in the memory at the same time – – both detriments to general snappiness and performance. Hence, minimizing (if not disabling) them is visiting assist.

Step 1: Enable developer options on your Galaxy S4 if you have not currently. To do so, go to Setups > )Approximately and click on the construct number a couple of times till you obtain a salute alert that Developer Options have actually been opened.

Action 2: In Developer choices, scroll to find Glass computer animation scale and Change animation scale.


Step 3: Click on to transform the worths, and change both of them to 0.5 x (minimum) or much better, lower.


That’s it – – the computer animations are most definitely punchier now, and you’ll discover a general efficiency upgrade.

Apart from speeding up the changes, you could likewise make it possible for ‘Pressure GPU making’ to make things a lot more snappier. Yet, it includes a tiny price: battery life. But overall, it will certainly keep things ticking beautifully and will certainly make your gadget a wind to utilize.


In all fairness, this isn’t as much a tweak or fix as a basic logic solution, however one that you’ll certainly locate useful. You could also desire to take out the unlocking effect and touch sounds for not just a punchier encounter, but also better electric battery life.

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