There isn’t enough whimsy in the world. Largely people work too much, are stressed about money, life, and the world in general. It can get downright sullen sometimes. Keezy is a free simple solution to a possible lack of whimsy in your life.

Keezy is a sampler app for iOS. It provides you with eight colorful keys. To record your sample you press and hold the key and make whatever sound you like. Play a clip from a movie. Beatbox. Put your hand against your mouth and record eight different fart sounds. To play back your samples just press the key again when you’re done recording.

By activating multiple samples to play at once you can easily layer samples together by recording on another key tile. Sample yourself singing, then beat boxing. Play them at the same time and record the results. When you want to delete a sample swipe your finger up and from the bottom you can either delete or undue a previous deletion.

Best of all there’s no sharing of your samples so you don’t have to worry about someone posting an embarrassing battle rap of yours on YouTube. Keezy isn’t a tool, it’s a toy. It encourages you to relax, be goofy, and have a little fun. Even their own product description in the iTunes store makes it clear that whimsey is their goal.

Stuff you can do with Keezy:

– Record grunts and beatbox with your fingers

– Harmonize with your own voice

– Blast your own samples over music at a party

– Make an insult generator & diss your friends

– Sample an entire octave of a piano or something

– Whatever you want – even farts!!

It says so right there. “Even farts!!” With two exclamation points. No one will know about your silliness but you. You’re a serious person. That’s why you’re reading our wonderful and, normally, serious website. But even serious people need to be goofy from time to time. Add a little whimsy to your day. Give Keezy a spin this weekend.

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