Those pestering iPhones can often behave like youngsters or pets, relatively wandering off on their very own. An iPhone can quickly slide out of a pocket undetected, do a backflip from a purse or backpack, or fall from a hand while you’re taking a photo.

Kenu Highline Case and Leash

Professionals at Kenu took notification of this propensity and created the concept of the Highline situation and security chain (US$ 34.95, readily available for pre-order with delivery start at completion of April) to remain your preferred mobile phone from strolling off or leaping away from you.

Layout Emphasizes

The Highline is comprised of two pieces: a clear polycarbonate situation to remain your iPhone safeguarded, and a curled leash with a clip on one end and a Kevlar loop on the other. The idea is that you put the iPhone into the case, clip the chain onto it– there’s an unique little degree on the situation that obtains the clip– and afterwards utilize the Kevlar loop to connect the other end of the leash to a zipper pull, belt loophole, purse strap, or another repaired place.

The chain extends quite a little bit, so using the iPhone for speaking or even taking images at arm’s length is not a problem. If you drop your iPhone, you could be relatively certain that it’s not going to hit the ground; when linked to my belt loop, the iPhone just swayed to my knees when I release it.

The clip is a dazzling layout. There’s a tiny tab that enters the Lightning port on the iPhone 5/5s, while the opposite of the clip has a bump on it that matches the notch that I referred to earlier. While it securely keeps the base of your iPhone, it’s not challenging to remove– just utilize your thumb to raise the clip from that level on the back of the instance, and take.

Performance Highlights

When I saw the Kenu Highline for the first time, my first thought is that I desire it had actually been available for me when I was on my current trip. We spent time in a major South American metropolitan city where pickpockets are quite typical, so I left my iPhone in the safe in the lodging room while I can have been utilizing it to take photos and checking out charts. With the Highline, I would have felt more positive that the iPhone would have continued to be with me.

Kenu Highline Case and Leash

The Kevlar loophole will certainly be familiar to any individual that has placed a wrist band onto a point-and-shoot electronic camera just before. Kevlar makes it far more sturdy compared to the usual strand that’s made use of, and I found that it seemed much easier to loop onto points and eliminate also than the string loopholes.

Lastly, I like the clear plastic situation. I have a gold iPhone 5s, and it’s typically hidden in a Mophie Juice Pack Air instance. It behaves to in fact obtain to view that beautiful gold finish in the Highline situation.


The Highline is a definitely smart idea, and Kenu has actually done a bang-up work of bringing the idea to fact. While the case will not be readily available up until the end of April, I believe it’s a great deal for anyone who wishes to remain a continuous leash on their iPhone 5 or 5s. Me? I’m preparing on utilizing this while at Macworld/iWorld 2014 today.

Ranking: 4 stars from 4 stars possible

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