Sony’s launch of the PlayStation 4, and the subsequent passion from gamers around the globe, has actually possibly gone over the business’s very own expectations. Anyone looking to participate the PS4 action will likely discover themselves in a position of having to wait for stock to appear in the coming weeks, which in itself is testament to exactly how successful the launch has been for Sony. With that said claimed, it appears that all isn’t rosy for those that currently have the console after figuring out that specific games, Killzone Darkness Autumn being one, don’t fairly deliver the full HD 1080p pledges that were made by Sony as part of their very early advertising and marketing project.


Native full HD 1080p gaming was among the lots of assurances made by Sony that established their console other than Microsoft’s Xbox One. Sony also went extremely granular in their marketing method by stating certain games as component of their efforts to lure customers over to the side of the PlayStation 4. Killzone Shadow Fall was just one of those games, with a November 2013 post making the claim that the most up to date iteration of the Killzone franchise would certainly not just include an affordable new multiplayer mode, however would support up to 24 players at any type of provided time and output at native 1080p achieving 60 frames-per-second.

All of it appeared wonderful at the time, and additional than most likely handled to draw in a couple of customers, however it turns out that the promises made are not in fact real. Killzone’s legendary solitary player mode isn’t where the problem lies. As guaranteed by Sony, the single gamer project in Killzone Darkness Autumn does certainly outcome at an indigenous full HD 1080p resolution. However, it appears that the promoted multiplayer method sacrifices resolution in order to bump up the framework rate in exactly what might be considered an aesthetic efficiency compromise.

An investigatory article from CraveOnline supplies a little added idea into the issue:

Killzone: Shadow Fall outputs at 1080p in single-player and multiplayer, but it isn’t really native. It pres owned a distinct handling method that blends 960 x 1080 photos together. Consequently, the 1080p promoted on the box isn’t incorrect. Sony’s inaccurate advertising and marketing is still legitimate, though.

We have actually simply crossed the three month mark because the PlayStation 4 was launched and we have actually listened to hardly any concerning this issue. The probability is that the majority of gamers have not also understood the difference in between indigenous 1080p and the combined solution that Killzone pres owned.

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