Kingdom Rush Origins

If you’ve played Kingdom Rush or Kingdom Rush Frontiers, you’re acquainted with this fantastic franchise. Kingdom Rush Origins (US$ 2.99 with in-app purchases), readily available today, includes in the awesomeness with more cartoonish, enjoyable and also tough tower defense.


Kingdom Rush Origins is among those gorgeous video games that makes you claim, “Oh wow.” It’s acquired a fantasy them with a cartoonish feel that promptly involving and also fun. Actually, a feeling of enjoyable permeates the whole experience, from the tiniest hero (“You have my sword!”) to the audio impacts and also songs. However at its heart, Kingdom Rush Origins is an enjoyable tower protection game.

Video game play

This version is a prequel to the initial Kingdom Rush, if you like a little flavor with your video game play. Long before Vez’nan looked for to let loose the treasure of power, these brave spirits fought ogres, worgs and even more throughout the kingdom. Now you can command soldiers, archers, mystics (new) as well as stone druids (brand-new). In all, there are eight new tower updates with 18 brand-new capacities.

You must carefully place the numerous kinds of towers along a course that the opponent will certainly take as they march towards the objective. Update towers as you play as well as unlock unique capabilities to beat wave after wave of bad individuals. The tale obtains even more epic as you play with harder adversaries and also the dawn of the dreadful Twilight Military.

Between battles you can use treasures and also in-game money (or genuine currency, if that’s OKAY with you) to acquire upgrades as well as unlock brand-new heroes, each of whom brings an one-of-a-kind skill to the melee.

Kingdom Rush Origins

Look, Kingdom Rush is an extremely effective franchise and Beginnings embodies the “why.” Excellent appearances, extremely fun game play, enjoyable music as well as fun Easter Eggs (see above). Anyone who enjoys tower protection video games should certainly have this on their device.

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