Countdown (free) is among those “I should thought about that” applications. It’s easy in concept, yet beneficial regularly.

Launch procedure has an eye-catching UI for adding upcoming activities that are very important for you to track. A birthday, a getaway, a target date for a settlement … anything really. You enter into the events in to Launch procedure and can also select a proper picture of a person or area to make the display a lot more useful or attractive. Then, you’re done. The launch procedure clock begins timing months, days, minutes, even seconds if you like, until the activity.

You could establish suggestions for each and every launch procedure, have the application play a selected song from your collection when an occasion happens, or share launch procedures on Facebook and/or Twitter. Yes, your iOS calendar and Reminders app keep you atop activities too, but I like that Countdown puts all the occasions in one location with timers, and you could order those events by date to find out what’s immediate and exactly what’s not.

If you lack pictures in your library, there are some in-app investments of other motifs, yet I do not assume they are truly required. It’s very very easy to discover something online that will help you with a fast image search, save the image to your cam roll and then use that photo.

It would certainly be great if Countdown automatically combed your calendar for upcoming occasions so you don’t need to re-enter them, but that’s the only downside I can attend the app.

Launch procedure is a handy and free app, and you might discover it as helpful as I have. Consolidating all your to-do’s into a web page with timers is going to be very beneficial for a bunch of folks.

Countdown calls for iOS 7.0 or later. It’s enhanced for the iPhone 5.

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