The Samsung Galaxy S5 and Apple’s iPhone 5s might be of slightly various generations, but many thanks to the harsh competition in between the 2 firms that make them, are continuously compared with one an additional.


The Galaxy S vs. iPhone battle has been salaried consistently over the past few years, and an appealing brand-new video clip supplies a series of factors concerning why the iPhone 5s is far better than the Galaxy S5.

The video comes courtesy from the men over at PhoneBuff and offers 25 reasons why the iPhone 5s is far better compared to its fiercest enemy, the Galaxy S5. And whilst it could look that just one side is being decided on below, it stands for an excellent way to attract the individual on why one particular smartphone is much better than the various other.

Obviously, because it’s largely opinion-based, you mightn’t agree with a few of the decisions made right here, and all told, it depends on exactly what you’re searching for in a mobile phone regarding whether you like the Galaxy S5 or the iPhone 5s. With that said claimed, the video is still very comprehensive, and if you’re presently sitting on the fence, uncertain as to which tool you would like to spend your money on, we ‘d extremely recommend seeing it.

Dealing with the iPhone 5s’s edge is its generally seamless iOS software program, much better voice call high quality and, to name a few peculiarities, a much more outstanding array of apps. By and big, developers still prefer the App Store over the Google Play Store, and thus, the choice is a lot far better for those rocking an iPhone.

The Galaxy S5 has lots of trump cards over the iPhone 5s, though. From the 4K video clip shooting to the remarkable electric battery life, to the bigger 1080p display and waterproofing qualifications, the Galaxy S5 is certainly a premium smartphone in a bunch of methods.

If you have your heart established on either the Galaxy S5 or the iPhone 5s, it could be worth holding back on your acquisition meanwhile. It goes without saying, the iPhone 6 is mentioned to be releasing in the next few months, and with Samsung additionally apparently readying a more highly effective “”prime”model of its flagship, you could would like to hang around and view exactly what’s on the horizon prior to parting with your hard-earned.


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