Apple’s invitation to media outlets for their iPad 3 event sparked rumors of the company releasing an iPad without a home buttoniPad 3 digitizer in black and white

However, images of a leaked iPad 3 digitizer, rules out any such possibilities.

The folks at RepairLabs got their hands on the digitizer, as well as the back housing of the iPad 3. From their observations, except for a few internal tweaks, the appearance of the iPad 3 seems to be largely similar to that of the iPad 2.

RepairLabs’ observations:

[N]ot much has changed in the look of your iPad. With the back housing in hand, and now with this piece [digitizer], we can confirm your iPad will look a lot like the iPad 2, just that 1mm thicker. The picture above also proves that we will have the home button on the iPad 3, contrary to some reports that came out yesterday. We also can see that Apple is planning to have both black and white models of the iPad 3, which is not surprising.

iPad 3 digitizer in black and white

The digitizer connection, RepairLabs notes, has been changed, indicating the inclusion of a newer logic board, presumably for the Retina Display.

Apple’s media event is scheduled for the 7th of this month, with the company expected to take the wraps off a faster, high-resolution iPad along with an upgraded Apple TV box capable of playing 1080p content. Unlike the iPhone 5, this time round, all rumors point to the iPad 3 maintaining the same looks as its predecessor.

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