Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight

The most recent linked device I’m blogging about is likewise among the most one-of-a-kind ones I have had the satisfaction to test. Leeo (US$ 99) is billed as a Smart Alarm Nightlight, a device that you linked into an electrical outlet where it keeps tabs on any sort of beeps stemming from your smoke or Carbon Monoxide detectors, as well as monitors temperature level and humidity in the room it’s in. If an alarm goes off or if ambient conditions surpass some pre-defined minimal, not just are you notified via an app, yet you could have pals or perhaps emergency responders informed that something’s wrong.

So what’s the factor? Well, a lot of us are away from our homes a bargain of the day, so we cannot hear a fire alarm going off if we inadvertently left a device on, or a Carbon Monoxide monitor beeping if the heater unexpectedly takes place the blink. Leeo listens for those alarm systems, then informs you if anything out of the average happens.


Leeo Smart Alert NightlightLeeo’s an eye-catching little device, a truncated cone concerning 88mm vast at the front, 60mm at the back, as well as regarding 27mm thick. A North American electrical outlet is on the back, and the front features a tiny grid of holes. Around the rear of the truncated cone is a transparent white plastic via which LEDs could develop almost any kind of colour light. The light could act both as a sharp and as a nightlight.

It’s an unobtrusive device with a clever facility – you cannot hear smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors when you’re not at home, so Leeo supplies a collection of electronic ears to constantly be listening for those beeps. Anytime they happen, you’re visiting look out via an app as well as can likewise have next-door neighbors, pals, or emergency responders contacted automatically. This is all done without a monitoring charge; all you should do is sign up for a free account and then have the device plugged in and also linked to your residence Wi-Fi network.


Establishing Leeo was a breeze. You basically just plug it in, wait regarding a minute till it comes to be “aware” of the surroundings and also undergoes some start-up procedures, as well as then use the application and Bluetooth to establish an account and make some preliminary settings. Because Leeo attaches to your Wi-Fi network, you’ll require to select that network in the app and after that offer the application with the Wi-Fi password.

When the system is up as well as running, you’ll get a recent take a look at the temperature as well as moisture that Leeo is viewing in the room where it is installed.

Leeo functions most effectively if you have smoke detectors that have a method to be examined – like pushing that little button so you can hear it beep nonstop. Why? Well, the application gives a way for you to examine Leeo’s “hearing” by letting it “pay attention” to the smoke and also CO detectors.

This is additionally the point at which you could enter into in number for family and friends that may be able to inspect to see if flames are certainly flashing of your home.

When Leeo listens to the beeping or alarm, it will allow you understand. The app offers a notice and also a means to hear the siren using Leeo’s microphone for verification.

Just what’s appealing concerning Leeo is that I’m betting you might likewise use it to listen closely for various other connected alarms – Piper, which I evaluated back in April of 2014, expects movement and after that sets off an earsplittingly loud alarm if it sees it. Although Piper additionally provides alert by means of its application, Leeo would certainly be an outstanding companion and also data backup alert technique.

Lest we fail to remember, Leeo is also billed as a nightlight, as well as it performs that function very well. As with the Philips Shade LED lights as well as most other color LED lights that are app-controlled, there’s a color picker in the Leeo application for picking the color as well as illumination of the nightlight. For my screening, Leeo was in a blue washroom, so I offered it a weak blue radiance (view graphic at top of blog post). Leeo has an ambient light detector integrateded too, so it could be told to switch off the LED when it is light out, then turn it on at evening.

One point I was type of surprised with was the lack of IFTTT combination for Leeo, thinking about that many other linked devices seem to jump on the IFTTT bandwagon. That meanses my only beef with Leeo now, although it’s not a showstopper.


Leeo is a welcome addition to the linked devices market, bringing a collection of digital ears to your house with which to alert you or others of any type of smoke or CO detectors that have gone off. It has maybe the most convenient arrangement of any type of linked device I have actually reviewed to date, and the rate is right according to various other devices on the market. This is the perfect item for anyone that wants to start automaticing their residence, but does not wish to leap done in at today time.

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