A while back I wrote about Automatic’s device and also application for tracking your driving. Now comes a comparable gadget for troubleshooting your preferred automobiles with an iOS application– the US$ 99.99 Lemur Monitors BlueDriver.

Lemur Monitors BlueDriver

Just like the Automatic gadget, BlueDriver connecteds into the Aboard Diagnostics (OBD) port in your car (1997 or later on), then uses Bluetooth to send information to the application for checking out and/or catching.

The difference between the two devices? Well, they’re both regarding the exact same size, they coincide price, and they both feature an app.

Nevertheless, the Automatic device and also app are much more driven to seeing to it that you develop secure as well as efficient driving behaviors over the lengthy term, while BlueDriver is aimed more at either instant recognition of what that “Inspect Engine” light means or for logging efficiency info.

Utilizing BlueDriver is simple. You plug the BlueDriver dongle into the OBD port (normally located under the steering wheel), ignite the application, and both tools communicate.

The app initially presents the individual with a collection of buttons, every one of which perform a particular function. Read & & Clear Codes lets you check out analysis problem codes (DTCs) that are activating your Examine Engine light, clear those codes, and also will certainly likewise supply diagnostic codes for ABS systems on Ford, GM as well as Chrysler vehicles. Repair work Records generates a record for each DTC that offers auto proprietors possible reasons of the problem and also the peak, regular, and other stated solutions. Motionless scene makes a snapshot of problems that happened when a Freeze Structure Code was kept by your car’s computer.

Asking yourself if your vehicle is visiting pass the following emissions check? There’s a button in this application for that. Touch on Smoke Check, as well as you’ll recognize promptly whether you’ll need to get your vehicle into the buy job just before the smoke examination.

Then there’s the ominous-sounding Method 6, which is a collection of advanced test results for OBD system displays. Finally, and most likely the point that car fanatics most want to view, there’s Live Information. This mode allows you record and share any sort of live data that’s sustained by your car.

Live Data takes a snapshot of a variety of assisted information points for your car every 1.2 secs. You can either see the data “live” on your iPhone (with any luck you’re focusing on your driving as an alternative) or send on your own a.

CSV data at the end of the session. In a brief drive around the block the application captured 108 collections of readings, each with details on gas system standing, computed engine load, engine coolant temperature (in both °& deg; F and & deg; C), brief and also lasting gas trim percentage, consumption manifold downright pressure (in both kPa and also inHg), engine RPM, vehicle rate (in both km/h and Miles Per Hour), timing advancement for the # 1 cyndrical tube, intake air temperature level (°& deg; F as well as & deg; C), mass air circulation price (lb/min and g/s), and also absolute throttle position. There were even more products I might have included in the listing, yet for screening objectives I really felt these were good enough.

I managed to make practical usage of the BlueDriver throughout my testing– at one factor, my wife informed me that her auto had actually made the proverbial “unusual noise” simply before she began it to head to work. I had the ability to plug in the device, begin the car up, link, then show her that every little thing was just great.


In several means I see the Lemur Monitors BlueDriver as the excellent companion tool and application for Automatic’s system. The majority of the moment, you’ll really want to know where and also how you drove, exactly what your gas mileage was like, and so forth– that’s where Automatic beams. However when you really want to offer your auto a checkout or you’re interested in enhancing its performance, BlueDriver is perfect. I extremely suggest BlueDriver for the car lover or weekend mechanic that suches as to recognize just what’s taking place underneath the hood of their car.

Rating: 4 stars out of 4 superstars feasible

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