It continues to be to be viewed whether there’s a legitimate market for head-mounted, increased truth devices, yet as ever, Google is having a respectable go at constructing an ideal device for this emerging space. The Traveler Version of Google Glass has simply dispersed its wings to the United Kingdom, unlocking to a larger roll-out in the run-up to the eventual consumer-end release, however while Glass is influencing the lion’s share of coverage, lots of various other business are dealing with something comparable. Lenovo, to whom the Large G just recently offered Motorola, has a product on the go that looks almost similar, and having just taken the wraps off the unnamed HUD, additionally provided a really quick overview.

Despite the fact that Glass has actually obtained a lot of grip in terms of press protection, plenty of analysts and commentators have actually been fast to explain that, a minimum of to the customer, products such as Glass have no genuine use, other than as a high-end product. Having actually experienced Virgin Atlantic trialing the face computer at Heathrow Airport and seen police from NY to Dubai benefit from connectivity and always-on video camera, the cynics may have a factor, and as such, Lenovo is remaining conservative about where and exactly how its brand-new technology may be made use of.

Lenovo HUD

Sinced it’s still a prototype without a, it should not be shocking that certain information is currently at a costs. Lenovo will, nonetheless, have more for us later this year, so we’ll be keeping you published on any kind of further updates on this instead stimulating device.

On very first look, though, it could not look any more like a Glass rip-off if it attempted. From the video camera to the position of the show, it’s essentially like an early-stage variation of Google’s lenses, but in a fascinating twist, the battery is worn around the neck, which is somewhat awkward considering it’s a head-mounted device.

Lenovo glass

When you think of it, this might possibly allow a customer to lug around a greater capability battery pack, and sinced Glass doesn’t exactly last a full day as it is, actually makes a terrific deal of feeling.

Lenovo announcement

As abovementioned, we’ll keep you posted on any updates referring to Lenovo’s Glass-esque ventures, so stay tuned.

(Source: PCWorld)

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