Apple’s brand-new iPhone 6 as well as iPhone 6 Plus are barely out, and comparable to the well-known Antennagate that afflicted the iPhone 4 when it was exposed, these 2 have grown a new argument over the “Bendgate” fiasco as it is being called. In case you have actually been living under a stone for the last few days, Bendgate basically describes the iPhone 6 Plus obtaining angled under tension, or, in some cases, merely by being kept in the pocket for prolonged time frames.

The Bendgate problem is severe, to state the least, and talks quantities concerning the quality of these new crown jewels from the Cupertino firm. Considering that the hype around this has reached fever pitch already, a bunch of Apple’s rivals are jumping into the buffooning train to market their devices following the bendy iPhone 6 Plus. HTC took a stab at Apple; Samsung attempted their good luck, and also today, LG caught the opportunity to commend its G Flex smartphone – – the first (in order to simply) normally curved Android device. The trouble, however, is that LG France, which in fact tweeted the initial photo taking the stab at the Cupertino company, doinged this making use of an iPhone.


That’s right; LG made fun of Apple over Twitter making use of the Twitter for iPhone app!

Honestly, we’re not objecting at LG taking this chance for promoting its own devices; that’s all what marketing has to do with. Nonetheless, utilizing the very device (or a minimum of a sibling of it) that you’re ridiculing to obtain your message out, is not merely ironic, yet outright stupid. I imply, what are they conveying, that we at LG utilize Apple devices since they’re far better? Or perhaps LG should execute a knowledge check for all the people working in its social media division. It seems LG France could make use of some people and a higher level of common feeling; it’s not that tough to tweet using also Twitter for Internet.


My satire apart, I wouldn’t draw too considerably from this little occurrence. It’s true that over smartness can cost you big at times, however even if a person at LG is using an iPhone, it’s an issue of their personal option. I can help one business as well as support products from an additional, and also that’s entirely fine for people over at LG as well. Simply don’t use the official LG France account on an iPhone, though.

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