Looking for meaning in your life? A pair of apps from Reefwing Software may help you narrow down your focus.

Life Audit (free) has you rate yourself on a spectrum of life elements. It asks questions like, “Are you doing work you love?” and “Do you work less than 50 hours per week?” at your primary job.

It then scores your answers in a variety of categories, namely artistic, attitude, career, education, relationship, financial, health, pleasure, public service, travel. You’ll see graphically which areas show strength, and which items you want to address for change.

Enter Life Goals (US$3.99). Built to explore the same category spectrum as Life Audit, Life Goals allows you to add specific targets and due dates.

You can promise yourself to set up a date with your spouse, to focus on your relationship. Or you can plan to send out some query letters to boost your career.

An enhanced to-do app, Life Goals reorganizes a standard reminders approach around focused categories. As you add and accomplish tasks, your Life Chart updates to show you which areas you’re excelling in, and which you’re neglecting, through an expanded system of graphs and statistics.

Each goal breaks down into individual tasks. You can rate the task based on the effort involved and the impact it has. Then you can review your things-to-do list by these axes. Got a couple of quick wins you can check off your backlog? Life Goals points those out. Some “Thankless Tasks” that need doing? The app collects those as well, so you can pick one to work on during down-time.

A lot of thought has gone into its design, to help users prioritize and review task management. If you like visual and statistical goal feedback, this app has it in bunches. The graphics are a little on the low-end “designed-by-engineer” side, but it’s really the methodology, not the interface, that sells this app.

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