macOS Sierra beta allows Mac people arrange third party menu bar accessories

It’s been a pain-stage for many Mac customers for some time today: the shortcoming to arrange third party menu bar accessories. Certain, it’s been feasible to maneuver around inventory menu-bar accessories simply by keeping the Order key while pulling the image, but third party symbols aren’t any longer off-limits.

Certainly, the macOS Sierra beta afford them the ability for Mac customers to arrange third party menu-bar (NSStatusItems) accessories, and that’s type of a large deal. Formerly, customers have experienced to depend on third party resources, like Bartender, to keep the menu bar neat.

Although Bartender is a superb power, it’s overkill for somebody who merely really wants to arrange the positioning of third party app symbols about the menu bar. Luckily, the macOS Sierra beta handles this problem.

To move a menu-bar additional, merely hold-down the Order (⌘) switch while pulling any image (beyond Notice Middle) that you simply desire to transfer.

macOS Sierra menu bar move animation

Bear in mind that you simply can only transfer 3rd party symbols within the menu-bar by pulling them around, you are able to’t downright take them off like you can with inventory selection bar products. If you desire to eliminate a third party menu-bar image, you’ll have to do so inside the app’s particular choices.

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