While fragmentation is among the most significant issues plaguing the Android environment, it has actually also been one of the most beneficial aspects of the operating system, since it has actually allowed a variety of OEMs to have their own develops of Android onto numerous smartphones, leading to Google’s mobile OS ending up being the biggest market share holder in regards to usage.


While OEM builds are the even more popular ones out there, there are branches like CyanogenMod as well that have, over the years, developed a devoted fan base and huge developer community that remains to contribute to Cyanogen’s growth and development. And now, things may be headed in an even better direction for CM, as the group behind Cyanogen Inc. has actually met Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella.

The report comes courtesy of TheInformation, which is among the most trustworthy news sources out there. However, even they have not stated any factor or function behind the meeting, nor have they shed any light on the result. They do, however, believe that Microsoft is taking a rather keen interest in CyanogenMod, which the Redmond business might be taking a look at expanding its footprint into Google’s territory by method of Cyanogen.

The conference is especially intriguing because Cyanogen Inc. is a start-up that saw the light of day just last year, regardless of the custom Android develop having existed given that days immemorial. Recently, OnePlus One is the very first device that began delivering with CyanogenMod as the default Android variation, which, too, at a really attractive cost point, amassing user interest in the branch even further. Then, the company, being a start-up, accepted close to $ 30 million in 2012 from a variety of venture capitalists, in light of which it would make good sense that they ‘d be fascinating in entering a handle the Windows Phone tech giant as well.


As to what can Microsoft’s prospective interest in CyanogenMod be? The answer is pretty easy. Microsoft intends at getting its services out there to the maximum, and while some of its apps are available over at the Google Play Store, would not it be better if they started shipping pre-installed software on the planet’s most made use of platform? Naturally, yes.

And CyanogenMod has actually been prepared for as the future of Android, considering as how OEMs are really slow at pressing out Android variation updates, and how Nexus devices are not actually flagship material. With CM, you get a premium device at a cost effective price with the most recent OS variations practically invariably guaranteed. I ‘d state if I were Microsoft, I ‘d certainly see this as a possible location of mutual interest and excellent collaboration possibilities.

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