According to sources of The Verge, Microsoft could possibly be toying with the concept of bringing Android app assistance to both Windows and Windows Phone, in a step that could, theoretically, aid revitalize a mobile system that is patently bereft of applications. Naturally, such a radical step would trigger debate, no less because it could mean the beginning of the end of Windows Phone as a mobile platform, however as the Redmond constantly struggles to lure designers into developing apps for the Windows Phone Store, alternatives are ending up being increasingly limited.

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Compared with the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, the number of apps offered over a the Windows Phone Store amounts relatively to chicken-feed. Yet it’s not simply the volume of apps (or lack thereof) that is of such problem to those hooked up with Microsoft’s smartphone ecological community. Developers producing the most preferred apps and games – – those that create millions of downloads and record the headlines – – are overlooking Windows Phone almost as if it really did not exist, and although the system itself is both quite and intuitive, it’s drowning in the middle of a deluge of iOS and mostly Android gadgets.

The aged phrase “”if you cannot beat ‘‘ em – join ‘‘ em” “springs to mind with this most recent suggestion that Windows Phone could help with Android apps, and although it would certainly compromise a degree of Windows Phone’s beauty and uniqueness, the listing of alternate courses of activities that Microsoft could take does not look as well considerable right now. Nokia, now a subsidiary of the Xbox producer, keeps spinning out stunning, high-spec devices for a system that several have actually described as a captivating, revitalizing inconsistency from the largely comparable traits of iOS and Android, but without applications, it’s likely to wind up on the scrapheap eventually.

Doubters will certainly no question mention that BlackBerry 10′′ s help of Android applications really did not aid its reason, but it’s fair to share that with the trump card of having merely acquired a mobile giant in Nokia, Microsoft is in a too much, too much more advantageous position to make such a business a successful one.

Obviously, this is plain speculation presently, so it’s essential not to get too carried away with the suggestion. However, one needs to ask yourself just how lengthy Microsoft can keep playing such a remote 3rd to both mobile sector titans with little-to-no ground being made up.

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Although, as a supporter of Windows Phone, I don’t especially delight in the suggestion of Android applications being a component of the device, It’s challenging to see how else Microsoft is visiting keep this raft afloat. And if it’s going to be a choice between Windows Phone + Android or no Windows Phone whatsoever, I’m going with the latter choice whenever.

Nokia is also reportedly set to launch its own Android mobile phone at MWC, and it would certainly be truly interesting to see if we listen to something formally from the big itself.

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