As the majority of you will be aware, Microsoft’s discount to acquire Finnish telecoms equip Nokia was lately given the rubber stamp of approval by the appropriate bodies supervising such requisitions, as well as though associations in between the 2 companies have been relatively close for years now, the software titan has gradually been incorporating Nokia’s staff and product with its own business version.

Nokia Microsoft

As a component of this recurring procedure, Microsoft is claimed to be on the cusp of licensing the well-known Nokia brand, and according to leaked info, could decide for “Nokia by Microsoft” identifying on its smartphone line-up.

As per info given by continuous leaker Evleaks, a Twitter handle often reputable with such details, Microsoft might also be planning to make some adjustments to the Surface tablet variety, with the software program maker considering a button to the recognized “Lumia” tag. Absolutely, this would be a significant alteration, particularly offered that Surface area is simply beginning to build its track record after a number of years in the industry, and although Lumia is synonymous with feature-rich, quality items, one needs to wonder whether such a change would certainly set Microsoft’s tablet endeavors even additionally back.

It’s clear that the Windows mold has had a hard time to compete with the similarity Apple’s iPad in tablet space, and while going for the Lumia name may assist the Area line-up to obtain traction, there’s additionally the danger that the clear distinction in between mobile phone and tablet computer will certainly be shed. With this in mind, we’re taking the Evleaks claim on the Area / Lumia issue with a pinch of salt, however “Nokia by Microsoft” would certainly make a fantastic deal of sense.

To be frank, Microsoft must probably have gotten Nokia a couple of years back, and provided how heavily-rumored the purchase was even prior to the release of Windows Phone 8, you really feel that Microsoft would certainly possibly be in better stead today if it had acted earlier.


Nevertheless, with Nokia under its belt and the excellent Windows Phone 8.1 now in advancement, the company has a strong chance of contending with its competitors, and whether by “Lumia,” “Nokia by Microsoft” or some other name, we merely hope that Nokia’s custom of building wonderful items is only however boosted by the influence of Microsoft.

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