For some factor, the tech world invests even more time parodying voice assistants than really utilizing them, and just like when Siri and Google Now first arrived, we got a little excited about Microsoft’s Cortana earlier on this year at BUILD. Certainly, the software application giant is every enthusiastic about the software application, which is based on the virtual voice of the character from Halo, and with the HTC One M8 validated as launching on Windows Phone, Microsoft has actually taken the opportunity to take a swipe at Apple and Siri once again.

Siri Cortana

When it comes to slating each other’s products, all of the most significant names in tech are at it, but given how late Microsoft has actually arrived to the celebration in regards to mobile software application in basic, it’s no surprise to see the Windows maker as soon as again attempting to make the information. However while there commonly tends to be a particular quantity of nastiness to these side-by-side ads comparing functions, Microsoft’s most current brief is carried out in an enjoyable, funny and light-hearted manner.

The advertisement starts with Siri speaking of how “good” Cortana looks, and after lapping up the attention and describing that the brand-new look is that of the HTC One M8 on Windows Phone, Cortana goes on to discuss the gadget’s dual front-firing speakers.

The clincher shows up when a clearly taken-aback Siri reacts with, “Oh, I only have one……. and I’m remaining on it!”

The HTC One M8′′ s BoomSound speakers have actually carried over from the extremely remarkable HTC One M7 of in 2013, but while lots of concerned the M8′′ s predecessor as the very best handset to release in 2013, it’s likewise feasible that the follow-up is a little uninspiring. The rear-facing camera – – or ought to we say, cams – – are still as frustrating even with the phony bokeh, and it will be very interesting to see how the device fares on Microsoft’s still-emerging Windows Phone platform.

Even as a great admirer of Windows Phone, I couldn’t personally imagine purchasing a device like the HTC One M8 on WP over Android, however if Microsoft can continue attracting these high-end Droids to its line-up, it’ll do the ecosystem’s qualifications no damage whatsoever.

Anyhow, inspect out the rather amusing 30-second clip embedded below, and do leave your thoughts in the remarks.

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