MOGA today announced that it is dealing with a successor to its initial MOGA Ace Energy iOS 7 game operator, sending an intro photo that depicts an operator with a brand-new Bluetooth-compatible style.

The original MOGA Ace Power worked only with the iPhone as a result of its demand to connect to the phone’s Lightning port, yet it shows up the 2nd model will certainly use Bluetooth rather, linking to both the iPhone and the iPad just like the SteelSeries Stratus.

MOGA’s first operator was criticized for both its inadequate develop quality and its higher price tag, two concerns that have actually afflicted all of the iOS 7 controllers released thus far. It is possible that with more time to function on the hardware, MOGA’s 2nd operator could possibly have a considerably far better build high quality.

In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, it’s hard to discern much concerning the new controller based on the teaser image. Like its successor, it has twin analog sticks, a d-pad, and a set of action buttons.

MOGA plans to reveal its brand-new controller at the Game Designer’s Seminar in San Francisco, which begins on March 17.

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