Mr. Coffee® 10-Cup Smart Optimal Brew™ Coffeemaker with WeMo®

You know what’s been missing in our lives? An Internet-connected, app-controlled coffeemaker. Which’s why the good people at Belkin and appliance manufacturer Jarden Firm have teamed up to bring the world the Mr. Coffee 10-cup Smart Optimum Mixture Coffeemaker with WeMo (US$ 149.99). To read more concerning how your unfortunate, depressing life could now be loaded with happiness and freshly-brewed coffee, continued reading.


Like the other Jarden/WeMo collaboration – the Crock-Pot Smart Slow Oven with WeMo – the Mr. Coffee Smart Coffeemaker ignores expensive screens, changing them with combination with the free WeMo app. The device looks a whole lot like a basic coffeemaker, including a large thermal pitcher as well as the usual water storage tank and filter/grounds basket.

But there are some technical differences that are not right away obvious to the naked eye. First, the water tank is detachable so you can put it under the faucet for loading. I love this idea, considering that my existing coffeemaker needs me to fill up the carafe with water, then pour it into the tank – that typically indicates that I wind up spilling a minimum of a half-cup or more of water, also when I beware.

Mr. Coffee® 10-Cup Smart Optimal Brew™ Coffeemaker with WeMo®

The next difference concerns the Optimum Brew technology, which warms water up to 205°& deg; F prior to sending it to the filter basket. Baseding on the Mr. Coffee people, this indicates that it not just removes the many taste from the ground coffee, yet you can get a full pot of coffee in merely under 8 mins. That’s 20 percent faster than a lot of competing thermal carafe-type coffeemakers.

The Mr. Coffee Smart Coffeemaker ought to also be much more power efficient than those that don’t utilize a thermal carafe, since it does not should run a home heating coil for a couple of hours daily to keep the made coffee cozy.


To check the Mr. Coffee Smart Coffeemaker, well, I made a pot of coffee – two, in fact. It’s an item of cake to obtain ready to make a pot; you just fill the removable tank and after that fall it into the proper area, then take out the drawer for the filter basket and fill up the basket with ground coffee.

If you simply wish to make a pot of coffee, there’s a button you could press and you’ll have your steaming mixture about 8 minutes later. The application comes in when you choose you would like to establish a schedule.

The application is the standard WeMo app, and establishing the coffeemaker for application command is very easy. When you first power up the coffeemaker, it sets up a WeMo Coffeemaker Wi-Fi network. Attach your iPhone to that network, bring up the WeMo application, and it locates the coffeemaker. Within seconds the app establishes the coffeemaker to ensure that it’s functioning on your typical Wi-Fi network.

The application can be used to just “push the button” from another location, which would certainly serve if you were about to shower or something and wished a pot of fresh coffee when you were done. It could likewise be made use of to establish a brewing timetable for every day.

Establishing the routine resembles setting an alarm in the iOS Clock application. You tap on a day, then utilize a time picker to establish the moment. Tap “Save Plan”, and the timetable is saved to the device.

If you have not place coffee and water right into the device, it senses that there’s no water (there is no sensing unit for the coffee bin that I could inform) and will inform you to “Refill Water”. As soon as you’ve filled out the container and freshen the application, it reveals that it’s “ready”.

When the pot of coffee begins developing, the app informs you that it is doing so by revealing the word “developing” and screening an animated environment-friendly cup of coffee. After developing is done, refreshing the application reveals an environment-friendly “hot cup of coffee” icon and provides the time that the pot finished brewing. If there’s one thing I ‘d like to see the application or device do is in fact send me a notifcation that the coffee prepares to drink. You do obtain notifications when the water filter– which lasts for a month– should be replaced.

While testing, I left a pot of water that had actually experienced the coffeemaker in the thermal pitcher over night. To my surprise, it was really still warm over twelve hrs later on. In regards to the taste of the coffee, I felt it was a little more “overextracted” and harsh compared to exactly what I’m made use of to with my normal coffeemaker. You could have to have fun with the quantity of coffee made use of in the basket to obtain the ideal possible flavor.

Price-wise, the addition of the WeMo capacity adds $ 60. The non-WeMo version of the Ideal Mixture 10-cup Thermal Coffeemaker has a proposed retail price of $ 89.99, while this variation runs $ 149.99. Whether that $ 60 is worth the benefit of having the ability to start a brewing process from throughout your house or alter your coffeemaking routine from your iPhone is totally around you.

Unlike other WeMo-enabled devices, there’s no means at this indicate integrate the Mr. Coffee Smart Coffeemaker with various other devices through IFTTT. I can view where it could be really helpful to have the coffeemaker automatically begin brewing when you enter into a certain geolocation (like when you acquire near your office), and that’s either visiting take IFTTT assimilation or location recognition in behalf of the WeMo application.

What I ‘d really want to see in the future is a much more total linked coffeemaker that hooks up to a water supply and has huge built-in bins for beans and utilized premises so you would not even have to touch the device for a week or more in routine home use. That device would certainly also most likely run out my rate variety, yet it would certainly be outstanding …


Belkin’s WeMo family members of linked devices remains to increase with the addition of smart appliances to the mix, and all of them are effortlessly controlled from one single iPhone app. The Mr. Coffee 10-cup Smart Optimal Mixture Coffeemaker with WeMo includes the convenience of WeMo to a trusted, longtime device brand name. If you’re a follower of connected devices, this coffeemaker does a great job of letting you routine and screen developing from your iPhone. It will come to be a lot more valuable if Belkin includes IFTTT integration and far better notification to the mix.

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