Cinnamon isn’t the smartest pet cat on the block. He’s lovable, a bit chubby, and remarkably cuddly, yet he’s also a little of a dimwit. He consumes his bro’s meals despite the fact that we chew out him each day, he chews on power cables even with being stunned and virtually gotten rid of by one, and if you leave a clothes dryer sheet in the washing room he’ll eat it entire.

cat and ipad

That being said, he’s also an extremely knowledgeable hunter that could snag a house fly out of the air and jump 5+ feet up a wall surface to go after a laser device tip. So when I observed that Friskies had launched a brand-new model of its Feline Angling application– which Cinnamon had taken a fantastic preference to years back– I determined I ‘d allow him review it.

I launched the app, called Cinnamon into the room, and waited for the fireworks to begin. However they didn’t. My some pal simply sat there and looked at the display as the multicolored fish swam around, with absolutely nothing in the method of a natural drive to attack. In truth, I believe Cinnamon would like to befriend the fish a lot more compared to anything.

I’m unsure what has actually transformed in either the app or my pet cat considering that the initial Cat Fishing game emailed him knocking at the display in a furry of food cravings and depression, but it’s not there any longer. When the app picked up that Cinnamon wasn’t paying attention (after 30 secs without communication) it meowed loudly in a feeble effort to generate a reaction. It obtained one.

When Cinnamon heard the application’s desperate meowing, he decided it was time for a snuggle, and as you can see in the picture on top, he and my iPad are now buddies. Or they were most effectively friends for roughly 45 secs, whereupon Cinnamon stood up, sneezed onto the screen, locked eyes with me as if to state “I suppose you’ll be washing that up now …” and strolled back into the bed room to drop asleep until dinner.

Cinnamon plainly enjoyed his short time with the app, and although he’s as well dumb (or as well smart?) to pursue the digital lure, it’s definitely worth your time to download the free app and see if you can mislead your own furball.

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